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"You only win when you help others win." - Paul Zane Pilzer,  Beats Dre Price Nobel Prize Winning Economist
Where to Start Network Marketing?
Good question! Had someone answered that for me I wouldn't of suffered with:
- Time Wasting
- Pain
- Depression
- Uncertainty
- Financial Struggle
- Research of Inaccurate Information
All this Discontent stemmed from one thing and one thing only... TRYING TO GET RICH RAPIDLY!
You see rather than spending time studying my Options, communicating with experienced Network Marketers, learning Online Marketing and choosing a business of Relevance...
I went looking for the first business I could get, little did I know that the answer to success was:
(In no exact order)
- A Responsive and Experienced UPLINE
- Proper taught methods of Network Marketing
- A good Business Model
- The Right Mentality
- How to  Dr Dre Beats Solo Hd White profit from prospects even when they turn down your primary Business Deal
- How to make  Beats By Dre Purple leads chase YOU up, instead of the  Wireless Beats By Dre Headphones other way around
I got none of this... My UPLINE up and quit and the business I was working for told me to try harder, along with recommendation of services which never really helped and they never outlined any real useful Marketing Strategies.
So exclusive of any help, guidance or assistance, I came up with the perception that the only way to sell would be to:
- Purchase hosting space
- Purchase a Domain Name
- Compose Small Reviews followed with my referral Links
That never really made me more than $200 a month and at my uppermost hit a record breaking $219, what an EARNING! ... yeah right, that scarcely paid for my bills.
So I rethought my choices, and took the initiative of networking with other Business Owners. At my surprise, over and over again, from one Business Owner to the other, I was given the same answer as my previous UPLINE and MLM business bar a few successful and  Beats By Dre Lowest Price knowledgeable Top Industy Earners. Each and every one of them had failed as I had, at which moment alot tried helping... But only few knew what to do.
Did I hit a soft spot? Is this the precise reason you're reading my editorial, so that you're able to benefit from Network Marketers such as myself and sidestep those bad experiences and generate an abundance of leads and prospects. If so, Great, lets put you on the right track from the start! Keep reading...
Welcome to my #1 Copy of MMRMarketing (Money Making Revealed). My name is Jason Perez O'Connor and my objective starting TODAY! Is to help You! Regardless of your background practice, whether you're new to Network Marketing, a complete Network Marketing sage or somebody who would like to pickup more  Beats Dre Tour tools and schooling. I Cater to all types, and infact, saying that would make me deceitful as I require just one thing from your part! That is the motivation to try hard and put some exertion into building yourself and your MLM business , if not then I advise finding another job offline as you will not get far (I hear mcdonalds are always looking for burger flippers). This is a legitimate Marketing System and Training Course that has a lofty earning capability! See below for example.
Through out my future Editions I will outline the steps required to becoming a lucrative Network Marketer and a constant 5-figure Monthly Earner e.g. Training Courses on using Facebook not only as a social website but as a form of marketing your MLM Business and Services (There are currently numerous Industry Leaders making killer money via Facebook alone).
Such Articles WILL invole:
Where to Start
Choosing an EFFECTIVE System
Finding a Reactive and Supportive UPLINE
Selecting a Business Model FIT FOR YOU!
Nifty Marketing TOOLS
Developing the Right Mindset
Review of some MLM Leaders
Reviews about some of the more lucrative MLM businesses
Conversion and its importance
Creating a Capture Page that Converts
Creating, building and cultivating your list
Explanation of Several terms
Why the Industry has a 97% fail rate
Why the 3% around you successfully make money day-in day-out
Recruiting prospects into your business effortlessly
Achieving MLM success
Why choose Attraction Marketing
The power of Attraction Marketing
The 7 Laws of Attraction
Using Facebook as a Lead Generation application
And so much more... Seriously guys, I have so much value to cover and give you that there is no need buying every E-book that claims to have that *EXTRA* factor, the *SECRET* that'll set you free, when there are people like me in the MLM Lead System PRO community who will do it for free, because we know that if we give you the information to start being successful, you'll want to work with us and do business with us in future.
In times like this, with the recession the way it is, Home based businesses are becoming very lucrative ventures.
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If you want to skip past all the Editions, Make use of the system I use to produce 5-figure incomes per month and get 1-to-1 help over the phone, skype or E-mail...
Then sign-up to my Free training course and read through some of my strategies and tips outlined.
The value and courses held within the system cover almost every aspect of Network Marketing and succeeding in MLM. so not only do I give you special reports, articles and complete step-by-step blueprints to using several marketing methods but the system delivers a whole lot of information worth thousands of dollars, and best of all most of it's free! And to use the system it cost a measly 1$ for a 2 week trial period.... if that's not generous I don't know what is.
And if you don't like what you see, you can cancel your subscription any time!
Tell you what... Not only does the trial cost $1 but you also get full access to training papers and videos which you can then take with you and use to sell your own business!
So effectively you're getting all the Marketing courses for a measly $1, and then being permitted to cancel your 14-day Trial. But wait... I've not finished listing the benefits yet, you then get access to valuable Webinars held by some of the top Industry Earners every Wednesday where they outline more tips and strategies to get your MLM business flourishing!
Now clearly these aren't the only benefits of signing up, these are just the risk free benefits! for more information concerning the System click the link in the Biography section to find out more.
The system I use to formulate a 5-figure monthly Income:
For now I hope you really enjoyed my #1 Edition of countless to come and hope that together we can get YOU! To financial independence.
* Note
This first editorial was merely made as an Introductary page to my guide, outlining the struggles I had and how I went about fixing these struggles. Another reason for creating this first page was to appropriately target the right minded people who are determined in succeeding.
Stay tuned...
Jason Perez O'Connor, a Network Marketing Coach who provides help to other entrepreneurs in order for them to succeed through the teaching of proper online marketing techniques. For a free step-by-step guide to exploding your online/offline business to success and becoming a credible and successful Network Marketer, visit his site: MLM Money Making Revealed
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